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Our Story

At the Academy of Raw Potential, we are in pursuit of better leaders, confident people and successful teams.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and reach new levels of success. Our approach is centred around making a personal connection that will leave a lasting impact.

With experiences spanning middle management and executive leadership, Liz and John offer diverse insights and unique perspectives across their personal and professional lives.

Through our individual and team services, we help people to develop and embed new skills and behaviours that make tangible, long-lasting differences in the lives and careers of those we partner with.

Our clients become part of a collective, an academy, where they can share their experiences, learn from each other, and grow as one.

Our Values

At the Academy of Raw Potential, we believe in purpose over profit. We are committed to leaving a lasting impact with the people and organisations we work with. We know that embodying the values we stand for are key to leaving a lasting impact on our world. That’s why we prioritise making and sustaining genuine connections, not just transactions, because we understand that lasting change and progress are built on trust and relationships.

We believe having fun is crucial to fostering creativity and innovation, so we adopt a playful mindset in our approach, cultivating a sense of adventure in our daily endeavours. This unique combination of values guides us to make a meaningful difference, create a better future, and ensure that our work is not just successful but also significant.

Who is John?

I have always been inquisitive about people and what makes them tick. In my formative years, I moved to many different locations and this spurred my sense of adventure and discovery. During my career, I have worked with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures. These dynamic and captivating interactions have led me down the path towards coaching, to work closely with people and help them to find purpose, direction, and clarity.

My previous roles have highlighted my skill as an outcomes-focused and optimistic Strategic Leader. I have worked with Ministers, Commissioners, Department Secretaries and CEOs at state and local government levels, completing a successful career of over 35 years of challenging the status quo and implementing lasting change. I have designed, tested, and successfully implemented Strategy and Outcomes Frameworks and have ensured organisational decisions were based on evidence.

I have led successful, high-performing teams in stressful and ambiguous environments including during high profile and high-risk major emergencies where time-critical accurate decisions are required. I fully understand pressure and criticality, and how these can impact on individuals and their decision-making. I have mastered skills that I want to share with others.

As a qualified Executive Coach, I see the best in people, enjoy guiding their development with care and compassion, and being part of their future. My enthusiasm and fun for coaching allows me to relate well with my clients as we work together toward excellent and lasting results to make better leaders, confident people and successful teams.

Who is Liz?

As an empathetic, humanistic leader, I know the value of building meaningful and genuine relationships. I have developed a niche skill set in risk management and facilitation primarily by on-the-job training. My growth into management positions has helped me to identify my passion for people leadership – in developing individuals and cohesive teams, in helping people to identify their shared objectives, values and behaviours, and in setting teams up for success.

I am currently a people leader of a specialist team of data scientists, with my job focused on developing and guiding them to deliver excellent services. Throughout my career, I have worked with and built effective relationships with diverse stakeholders, from volunteers, junior staff, middle managers and senior executives. These experiences have taught me the value of tailored engagement supported by strong communication. And this experience is key to what I offer as a leadership coach.

As a coach, I see my role as a guide to bring out the best in individuals and help them to work better with their stakeholders, colleagues and teams. I pride myself on my ability to connect with people and empower them to discover their leadership drive and understand how their decision-making style impacts on those around them.

I believe that everyone can improve and strengthen their strategic thinking and decision-making skill set. I have had the benefit of working with some inspiring and inspirational leaders, who have mentored me and supported me to grow as a leader. I have also seen people promoted to management roles that struggle to find their leadership values and waiver in their leadership approach. These experiences have taught me that being a leader is a skill set that you can learn, develop and strengthen.